Our Mission

The mission of Project neXt is to fan into flames the God-given gifts of the next generation so they are prepared to carry the torch of the Gospel and the saving grace of Jesus.

Our Vision

Project neXt seeks to provide financial assistance to gifted and Spirit-filled young people who are prepared to devote their lives to the cause of Christ.


We recognize students for academic excellence in targeted areas.


We open doors to biblical worldview education through financial assistance programs.


We are seeking kingdom-minded partners who wish to invest in the next generation.


We are looking for people to pray for students that God may fulfill His will in their lives.

Real Stories

Take an inside look at the positive impact Project neXt has on the lives of students. Project neXt is dedicated to giving students what they need

in order to go out into the world and expand the Kingdom of Heaven.

More About Project neXt

An integral part of Calvary’s X150 Advance movement is to raise up champions who are committed to multiplying believers locally, nationally and internationally. We want to be proactive in making this happen through an initiative called Project neXt. The goal of Project neXt is to invest in devoted, gifted and Spirit-filled young people who seek to devote their lives to the cause of Christ. We want to inspire the next generation of pastors, teachers, worship leaders, evangelists, youth leaders, coaches, missionaries and bible scholars.

With this goal in mind and a passion to invest in the next generation of leaders, the Project neXt initiative was formed. Specifically, Project neXt wants to:

  1. Provide scholarships for tuition assistance for students who otherwise would not be able to attend Calvary Christian High School.

  2. Provide scholarships and assistance to send young people on mission trips.

  3. Provide scholarships for tuition assistance for on-going college education as the students prepare for ministry leadership.

Connect With Us

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Project neXt

110 N. McMullen Booth Rd.

Clearwater, FL 33759

727 441 1581

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